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March 21, 201810:47 AM
Pedestrians lack safeguards such as seat belts and airbags that protect drivers, making them more susceptible to in…
February 15, 201803:19 PM
According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, somone is injured in a car accident every 9.29 minutes. If y…
January 29, 201803:57 PM
Every year, countless products are released for public consumption that have not undergone adequate testing for saf…
November 17, 201702:36 PM
Did you know three of the most common types of bicycle accidents are caused by vehicles? Learn what they are and ho…
November 1, 201702:00 PM
"... I lost control of my car. Am I legally responsible for the accident?" Learn what we have to say, here:…
September 19, 201703:50 PM
If you or a loved one is a victim of medical malpractice, our team may be able to help. Details can be found, here:…
July 13, 201710:07 AM
What are the three most common types of bicycle accidents? Find out, here:
June 5, 201712:47 PM
Remember, you have a limited time to file a claim. Schedule your free consultation with one of our lawyers today:…
May 25, 201711:29 AM
Learn more about defective hip implants and how our legal team may be able to help, here:
May 1, 201704:59 PM
Our clients commonly ask about the distinction between comparative and contributory negligence. Learn more, here:…
April 17, 201701:01 PM
Our legal team has over 40 years of experience working in municipal finance. For more information, contact us today…
April 5, 201704:08 PM
We have years of experience helping those with tax issues. Call us today to speak with a knowledgeable tax lawyer:
March 20, 201701:50 PM
We were able to obtain a substantial verdict in a case in which the defendant offered $0 to settle before trial:…
March 6, 201712:21 PM
If your child's birth injury was caused by the mistakes of a doctor or other medical professional, contact us:…
February 22, 201711:42 AM
Our clients commonly ask about Arizona's statute of limitation laws. Learn more, here:
February 6, 201712:37 PM
Commercial trucks pose a great risk to others on the road due to their size and weight. Read more, here:…
January 23, 201712:36 PM
Since 2005, our attorneys have recovered over $30 million in brain injury settlements and verdicts:…
November 30, 201601:48 PM
Being treated with a defective medical device can lead to serious after effects. Learn more, here:…
November 7, 201604:35 PM
The aftermath of a serious injury can be devastating. Learn how we may be able to help, here:…
April 28, 201509:51 PM

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Since 1957, the lawyers at Russo, Russo & Slania, P.C. have dedicated their legal careers to helping injury victims throughout Tucson and the state of Arizona. We understand the physical and emotional trauma that can follow a serious injury, which is why we make it out mission to help you obtain financial compensation for your injuries. If you have been harmed by the negligent acts of another, contact our law firm today at (520) 529-1515 for a free case evaluation.
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6700 N Oracle Rd #100
Tucson, AZ 85704

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